Our Story

Sky Reel was started in 2016 with a drone and a stack of business cards by Kieran, an engineer with an eye for the artistic. In the ensuing three years, Sky Reel worked for 10 clients on 18 projects, capturing beautiful aerial video footage across South Africa.

The Sky Reel store is the legacy that the drone videography operation has left behind. Kieran is a strong advocate for the power of still imagery - though a video rolls through thousands of images per minute, a single still can evoke questions and answers that video could never dream of.

The Sky Reel Shop exists to help you make your space more liveable / workable / holidayable. Superior quality print and frame materials are the backdrop to beautiful aerial photos you can use to bring life to any room.

A large-format frame of a ship in Table Bay for your office? Sure. An exquisite mountain pass for the empty space above your fireplace? Absolutely. Browse our collections to see what tickles your fancy - and if you ask nicely, we may even go out and capture the image of your dreams.